Grapevine unearthed just the sort of place we were looking for! It would never have been found on big websites.


Grapevine is amazing at reaching out to everyone and promoting all sorts of fantastic things. It’s such a great resource and brilliant at circulating across a wide community.


Grapevine is clear, neat, clever, easy to read and use. Hugely recommended.


I love Grapevine.. it has an interesting variety of posts and is a mine of useful information.. many thanks!


Great website, love Grapevine!


A great way to reach a wider audience!


Very pleased to be advertising in Grapevine - and reaching my target market in a direct and positive way. I have had a number of enquiries as a direct response of my ad and very much hope more will follow in the future.... we all rely on ‘the grapevine’ to find out what’s new and interesting - and this is a great way to do exactly that!’


Grapevine is a fantastic way of reaching out and connecting with like-minded people. The wealth of activity on the Grapevine means there is always something of interest to read, consider and perhaps take up. Many thanks Grapevine, you are doing a great job.


Delighted to be able to bring Mental Health Solutions to the Grapevine.... and thank you for providing a wonderful forum to help us spread the word. JB


Thank you Grapevine for featuring my book in your posts. Really happy that it has provided a few goggles for some of your members. Best wishes Zoe (@blonde_on_board_2019)


Grapevine is a delight. The gang who run it are incredibly efficient and couldn’t be more helpful. The site is beautifully laid out and very easy to use. Highly recommended.


I think it’s a very good idea to do these house sales and I would love to redo one soon


My experience with Grapevine so far has been brilliant. I posted an advert up and literally 3 hours later I got my first enquiry. The team that run Grapevine are incredibly switched on and have created a really useful community platform which I can thoroughly recommend being part of.


The post was very quickly sent to all Grapeviners which was absolutely brilliant. We raised £10,000 at our school fair and all the proceeds will go to MIND. Thank you for being so efficient. Happy new year!


great website & the best staff x


Grapevine provides a fast, efficient service. Advertising local events, promoting businesses and expanding a client base - it’s a great way to do all the above! Thank you Grapevine!


Grapevine was fantastic at getting word out there about our Racing Syndicate and I would thoroughly recommend it!


I really like this business. It works well and I trust it completely.


I am totally loving The Grapevine - When I was looking for Mrs Doubtfire I was inundated with amazing people... I will be glued to it in 2020


Grapevine is a great platform, easy to use and reach out to the grapevine community regardless what it is you are looking to sell, offer or share. Highly recommend becoming a grapevine member and sharing with other to widen the community