A fascinating website with superb articles and an interestingly refreshing viewpoint.
Well done Grapevine - keep up the great work!!!

lots of love The Mojo and McCoy girls xxx


Thank you Panda and Grapevine. It is lovely to engage our brand, Marloe London, with a new audience as well as receive your interesting newsletters. Marina and Chloe x


Grapevine is a fun, eclectic website full of great ads and articles to interest all sorts! It has something for everyone and we were delighted to be part of the vine! Thanks!


I had a great response from a number of interesting candidates and I took someone on from a few of the interviews I subsequently conducted.


Grapevine really sorted our summer holidays for us. We were really struggling to find a house for our family to go to, everywhere was booked on the usual sites but Grapevine came to the rescue. We advertised and had 3 really good responses of members houses we could rent for the week. Such a great community thank you


Grapevine is wonderful! It reaches the right people, without any time wasters.


We were bombarded with people wanting to employ Josephine, it was amazing. We will definitely be using Grapevine time and time again!


The chairs sold almost immediately. Grapevines help was fantastic!


Grapevine users are a great match for my Nearly New Cashmere business; after a recent post on grapevine I had masses of new visitors to my website followed by a number of valuable orders. Really delighted!


The response from our ad on Grapevine was fantastic. Many thanks for all of your help.


I was recommended to get in touch with Panda at The Grapevine to help raise awareness of a charitable venture I was running, asking people to donate stays in second homes, holiday rentals and hotels for frontline healthcare workers. She was incredibly supportive and not only gifted me a stay in her own property but also gave me a free forum to promote the program. We managed to generate 11 free stays from 7 donors as a result and I truly could not be more grateful! What a super network of generous people - thank you Grapevine! I'll definitely use this platform again when I need to promote any goods or services.


The grapevine is all the name suggests— a great way of connecting and wonderful reach for word-of-mouth type opportunities. A brilliant tool. Thankyou! Katie xx


Always a great service. Thank you.


We are enjoying being on The Grapevine. We hope that new customers, who have found us here, have enjoyed the artisan food and hampers we have delivered as larder treats and lockdown gifts. Thank you!


The Grapevine Works.... works. Easy to sell. Good follow up and personal service from the staff.


Grapevine was such a brilliant platform to sell my puppies. I had a huge amount of interest from different members and all the puppies went to such lovely homes and that is primarily down to how successful the advert was on Grapevine and the attentiveness from Pea who kept me up to date with various messages throughout the entire process. All puppies are now settled and happy in their new homes. Thank you so so much!


Very easy from start to finish. Quick posting too.


Grapevine are a great service, the posts they send out are interesting and informative. They have been very helpful in the speed I needed to get a post out for Pins and Needles Charity.


We love Grapevine! The system is so easy to use, and the response to my advert was almost instantaneous. It is a site people must trust as we had very few questions asked about what we do and who we are. By being a member of Grapevine people must know the due diligence has already been done.


I love Grapevine! Lots of great, like minded people most selling some very tempting goodies. I used it to look for a new job opportunity and had a fantastic contact. Panda and her team were so helpful.