The Grapevine is a fantastic site, one which as a family we follow closely. There is plenty of fresh activity on there and wouldn't hesitate to use it again in the future. Thank you to all for everything you do!


Panda was amazing and so thoughtful, keeping in touch and helping us way beyond what we have ever experienced before. Thanks to our post on Grapevine we were able to get a roof over our heads after relocating from abroad.
Thank you Panda!


Many thanks for everything. We have now found a fantastic home for the last puppy - Grapevine works!!


AfricaGap has had huge success marketing on Grapevine, not just through direct inquiries after advertising but also amazing osmosis via word of mouth! We have had lots of inquiries and are very happy with the fantastic and friendly service, and offers of help when getting stuck with technological challenges uploading aspects of the advertisements. I will definitely keep using Grapevine, thanks so much for your brilliant service.


Grapevine was perfect and we would definitely use again, high quality responses and exactly what we needed.


Thank you to Grapevine


The response I had from my post on Grapevine for my Solent based yacht charter business was fantastic.
Will certainly be using Grapevine again.
Simon - White Storm Yacht Charters


I sold every piece of the upholstery fabrics I advertised in the space of a week. So fast and efficient. Love the site!


Brilliant forum to be a member of ! Grapevine is one giant directory of wonderful folk sharing great tips, businesses, houses, cars, pets, hired help, schools, jewellery, presents, and even I see now, a potential boyfriend or girlfriend - Need i say more!


George and I created our House sitting business in Lockdown and were looking to fill our new diary. With one quick and easy post we gained new and wonderful clients across the country, and best of all from the Grapevine network, a wonderful group of like-minded people who we are pleased to also call clients. We will be posting again!


"such good posts, and great to know that it resulted in us gaining interest and spend from the eclectic, disparate and discerning audience that Grapevine has built up."


I heard about Grapevine through my mother-in-law, and it's been fantastic. We had lots of responses through for our flat and I have already recommended it to lots of friends! x


Grapevine is an extremely easy tool to use with great technical back up and a friendly constructive approach. I'm confident that repeated new postings will be even more valuable. Well done!


I had a pair of tickets to see my favourite band, Bastille, live at Hampton Court Palace and unfortunately couldn’t go. The day before the concert, I popped up an advert on Grapevine, and without even asking if the post could be put up asap,
they were live on the website and on Instagram. Not only did I received a fantastic amount of responses, I was delighted the tickets were not wasted and a Grapevine member were able to enjoy them. Thank you Grapevine!


We have had lots and lots of interest. It has totally changed Rosie's Summer from being rather bleak to having lots of challenges and a purpose. All the people that got in touch were lovely. I couldn’t have been happier with the number and quality of the responses. Thank you so much!


I advertised for a cook for dinner parties and weekends and within 24 hours I had 6 replies. Brilliant.

David and Lucinda

Grapevine is an amazing service, they have found us just the perfect person to come and help us at The Diddly Squat Farm Shop - thank you Panda and your fab team


Grapevine community was extremely valuable in our search for a working premises. We found just what we wanted that would not otherwise have been advertised.


Grapevine is an extremely useful way too access a large group of people who are interested in the same sort of thing. I had lots of enquiries about Gogwell through the site and would very happily use it again.


We love being part of this fabulous social network and we hope over time the success and membership continues to grow.
Michelle Boyt - Butterfly Hats