Grapevine has a great audience profile.


Grapevine is a wonderful platform for our properties with an ideal audience and reach in our area.


I had a great response to my post on Grapevine and now happily employed part time - wouldn't have happened without Grapevine's fantastic platform - thank you very much Panda and Pea. I have always had great success with posts on Grapevine - would highly recommend it and it is so user friendly.


The Grapevine Works...it really does. A genuine and friendly network. Thanks Panda


I wanted to sell my car on Grapevine so I could avoid wheeler-dealers and car garages. And within days I had two people wanting to buy the car and a lovely member agreed a fair price and came and picked it up without any problems. I'd highly recommend other members using Grapevine to sell their car!


Grapevine has a wonderful web site, which is super easy to use and the exposure across the Cotswolds is great!


Not specific to this property - Grapevine gives our properties additional exposure, especially to our local Cotswold market, and for this Butler Sherborn and our clients are grateful.


We recruited the perfect team member for The Key Clinic by using the platform and social media.
As usual, The Grapevine Works proves a trusted and reliable source for recruitment.


Excellent and quick service received from Grapevine. A brilliant way to buy and sell quality things through trusted members. Very efficient. Would highly recommend and definitely use again.


Grapevine were so helpful with creating my post and the results were really encouraging. Its so good that the post keeps live for some time and is not just a quick flash! The feedback stats and info are really useful and all the customers a joy to deal with. Thank you Panda and Pea!


Great Value for money.


Thanks Grapevine! Your extensive network has connected us with some lovely buyers for our puppies.


Grapevine has been my go to place to look for somewhere to live as well as advertising my Private Cheffing services in the Cotswolds. Truly excellent service and results.


Two shots so far, and both very successful. I have sold several of my personalised cartoons. Grapevine works for me.


For a small start up business, Grapevine has been a vital means to get my product right in front of a wide audience of engaged and active potential customers. It's a great network!


great network and very efficient team.. thank you


The team at Grapevine were so helpful and proactive at getting my advert out there and helping raise the profile of my new business.

Sally Anne

very satisfied, thanks


AfricaGap has had huge success marketing on Grapevine, not just through direct inquiries after advertising but also amazing osmosis via word of mouth! We have had lots of inquiries and are very happy with the fantastic and friendly service, and offers of help when getting stuck with technological challenges uploading aspects of the advertisements. I will definitely keep using Grapevine, thanks so much for your brilliant service.


Fantastic place to sell unusual and exclusive access items. Sold within a few hours. Thank you so much.