Thank you for your help in selling a days shooting here on the Marlborough Downs, I immediately had positive response with the last gun being sold straight away!


Panda & the team at grapevine are so helpful! A great platform for whatever you are looking for.
Highly recommend!


Well that was easy! A huge thank you to the Grapevine team for great service, a seamless process, and a brilliant result. I've browsed Grapevine plenty of times before but never listed anything myself, and was pleasantly surprised (to say the least) at the rapid result. You clearly have an engaged and friendly community who value the network, and both me and my new tenant are very grateful. I won't hesitate to come back in future if I need to call on the network to swiftly solve life admin, big or small. Thank you Grapevine!
Stephanie Turner, happy landlord, Parsons Green.


This is a new business and I am encouraged by the interest that my advert has received. Those who ordered were a pleasure to work with and I received lovely comments when their horseshoes were posted back to them. A very happy and positive experience.


The Grapevine really DOES work!
My holiday home garnered a lot of interest, and I secured some bookings almost immediately, so thank you very much! Well worth joining the network!


And more recently I wanted to pass on my thanks and share some feedback about the excellent car I found for my daughter on Grapevine. Toward the end of April, I spotted a small car (Fiat500) for sale on your site. Initially outside of our budget I didn't make an enquiry but the car stuck in my mind, due to the very low milage, its great condition via the photos AND as it was being sold by a Grapevine member gave me some comfort. Having been looking for a few months, to coincide with my daughter leaving college (there are lots of scams around), the fact it was advertised on 'Grapevine' played a big factor in me paying a bit more. So, I contacted the seller and within a few days we went to visit the car, they were relatively local to me too which also helped. Needless to say once we saw it, we couldn't resist and now my daughter is enjoying the freedom of her own vehicle.


This was my first time placing an ad on Grapevine and it was brilliant, and I'm thrilled to have got rid of the hunting kit which has been sitting around for years. Thank you so much for all your help getting the ad up and running


Huge thanks to The Grapevine for finding a position as Nanny for my daughter. I answered the advert on her behalf, loving the photo of Mary Poppins! After a few telephone calls and an interview, the outcome is wonderful, she starts the first week of September with a delightful family in the Cotswolds.


I was very happy with the one booking we did have.


Grapevine have been wonderful at promoting our new business. We were delighted with the leads we got from our recent post. They are highly efficient and professional and have a great community of members. I can highly recommend them to promote a new business.


Very nice people on Grapevine!!!


Wonderful service. We love Grapevine.


I was absolutely thrilled to have sold a new rug ,which turned out to be unsuitable , within a couple of days. Delivered , paid for and both sides very happy!


We love the demographic of Grapevine


Grapevine are an enterprising website with some amazing and interesting posts!


Grapevine is a wonderful community of people and I have had repeated success advertising my work on here. Even better is the fact that all people who I have come into contact with through the site are extremely lovely to meet. I would not hesitate to recommend joining a lovely group of like minded people. Sally Rutherford, Sculptor


We love the exposure that Grapevine offers our properties and the brand!


Grapevine is a superb portal and we love using it personally and professionally.


I thought the site was excellent and I did sell 12 guards .
When I got stuck on loading things You guys were super helpful and supportive. So, for me I was very happy thank you!


Grapevine were so helpful with creating my post and the results were really encouraging. Its so good that the post keeps live for some time and is not just a quick flash! The feedback stats and info are really useful and all the customers a joy to deal with. Thank you Panda and Pea!