Wonderful service. We love Grapevine.


I was absolutely thrilled to have sold a new rug ,which turned out to be unsuitable , within a couple of days. Delivered , paid for and both sides very happy!


We love the demographic of Grapevine


Grapevine are an enterprising website with some amazing and interesting posts!


Grapevine is a wonderful community of people and I have had repeated success advertising my work on here. Even better is the fact that all people who I have come into contact with through the site are extremely lovely to meet. I would not hesitate to recommend joining a lovely group of like minded people. Sally Rutherford, Sculptor


We love the exposure that Grapevine offers our properties and the brand!


Grapevine is a superb portal and we love using it personally and professionally.


I thought the site was excellent and I did sell 12 guards .
When I got stuck on loading things You guys were super helpful and supportive. So, for me I was very happy thank you!


Grapevine were so helpful with creating my post and the results were really encouraging. Its so good that the post keeps live for some time and is not just a quick flash! The feedback stats and info are really useful and all the customers a joy to deal with. Thank you Panda and Pea!


A professional and delightful way to Sell. Also such interesting information, a real pleasure to have met this great business.


I am so happy to have discovered the Grapevine - it's such a great community! I've gained some lovely new customers and love being inspired by the daily posts - always so much temptation!

Sally Ann

Great to see how many people saw our advert


Amazing news - within a few hours of my post, a Grapevine member emailed me offering their Royal Ascot Car Park 1 pass! So happy! What would I do without Grapevine?!


We are new to Grapevine but are delighted to have joined Grapevine Gold to try and spread the word about our little art business. It seems that Grapevine has great traction and many members have clicked through to our website.
Louise British Art Portfolio


Grapevine is a fantastic network of like minded people, but also for fun and different things, a great resource for us as a business, but also private individuals.


Love Grapevine, lots of interest in our business and always brilliant finds in lots of categories.


We lost our much loved ageing Labrador two weeks ago quite suddenly and we were extremely sad. Grapevine posted our plea for a puppy and we immediately had several responses which was marvellous. We are now happily committed to a new puppy in a few weeks.
Huge thank you to Grapevine for enabling us to find such a happy outcome and so quickly, their service was wonderful.


A fantastic members network and community with access to a huge array of support, information and services.


Delighted with posting on Grapevine. Easy and super successful.


Will definitely be running another Ad!