Absolutely fantastic


I was extremely pleased with the marketing and presentation of my company post on Grapevine. Thank you so much!


We had a huge amount of interest and were inundated with responses and from really interesting people with great credentials. If we had gone forward with the project and had needed a website designer then we were spoilt for choice thanks to Grapevine!


I was looking for a 28 bore gun for my son and I several members either had guns for sale or could help me find one. I ended up buying a gun that a member, who was an ex-gun trader, found online for me. It was hugely appreciated that a member went the extra mile. Impressive Grapevine!


I love Grapevine. It is terribly easy to use and Pea and Panda are absolutely on it with quick responses and kind thoughts.


I loved using the platform and it was extremely easy to build the post to how I wanted it to be.


Thanks to the Grapevine I have found the perfect holiday home in Cornwall that I was looking for, easily and no hassle at all. My thanks to Panda and the Grapevine Members who responded.
I now have something to look forward to in these uncertain times.


This was a great and very easy to use service, I will definitely use it again for searching or advertising.


Such a useful site...and as professional as it looks. I have found so many companies and products I didn’t know existed. Love the content!


Very easy to use and great coverage..


Really helpful; great network. I received instant interest in my post renting out a ski chalet.


The Grapevine system works very efficiently, and Panda was great to offer advice too!


I was looking for a 28 bore shotgun for our son and I did a post on Grapevine. I got eight replies and one of the members was an ex-gun dealer who was incredibly kind and helped track one down - it was a good price and just what I was after. I genuinely would never have found this gun without Gravpevine. Thank you!


Thank you very much to Grapevine


Good service In these difficult times.


Useful and helpful service


I've promoted my new business on a number of platforms and I will always come back to Grapevine. It has an engaged audience base, who are always looking to support any individual trying to make their way in the world! Panda is nothing but kind, helpful and a brilliant listener to what one is looking for to get the best out of Grapevine.


Excellent platform


Grapevine is a fun and original collection of stories, interviews and products - I love looking through!


It is very well curated and Grapevine is great for small independents targeting a well heeled audience.