The Grapevine system works very efficiently, and Panda was great to offer advice too!


I was looking for a 28 bore shotgun for our son and I did a post on Grapevine. I got eight replies and one of the members was an ex-gun dealer who was incredibly kind and helped track one down - it was a good price and just what I was after. I genuinely would never have found this gun without Gravpevine. Thank you!


Thank you very much to Grapevine


Good service In these difficult times.


Useful and helpful service


I've promoted my new business on a number of platforms and I will always come back to Grapevine. It has an engaged audience base, who are always looking to support any individual trying to make their way in the world! Panda is nothing but kind, helpful and a brilliant listener to what one is looking for to get the best out of Grapevine.


Excellent platform


Grapevine is a fun and original collection of stories, interviews and products - I love looking through!


It is very well curated and Grapevine is great for small independents targeting a well heeled audience.


Met so many wonderful people through my post - a wonderful network, thank you Pea and Panda xx


Thank you Grapevine for helping me promote my book. I'm a new author and I'm trying to use any social platform to promote myself onto the author stage. I hope your members enjoy it.


Very easy to use and the perfect idea of networking to people who have the same breadth of interest and this is well managed.


Beautifully presented site...and so simple to use. A great place to advertise, share information and new concepts and to buy and sell. Love it!


Grapevine has a brilliant database, truly national and all like-minded, decent people .


Grapevine provide an outstanding platform to showcase our brand and offer members great opportunities for exclusive offers
Sam Tolhurst
Apatchy Ltd


Grapevine helped build up interest in my business, so glad I posted. Thank you


Grapevine was an accessible way to market our company. The members were extremely interested and engaged in the post. We will be back again!


A fascinating website with superb articles and an interestingly refreshing viewpoint.
Well done Grapevine - keep up the great work!!!

lots of love The Mojo and McCoy girls xxx


Thank you Panda and Grapevine. It is lovely to engage our brand, Marloe London, with a new audience as well as receive your interesting newsletters. Marina and Chloe x


Grapevine is a fun, eclectic website full of great ads and articles to interest all sorts! It has something for everyone and we were delighted to be part of the vine! Thanks!