I am totally loving The Grapevine - When I was looking for Mrs Doubtfire I was inundated with amazing people... I will be glued to it in 2020


Grapevine is a great platform, easy to use and reach out to the grapevine community regardless what it is you are looking to sell, offer or share. Highly recommend becoming a grapevine member and sharing with other to widen the community


Thank you Grapevine for giving us a platform to spread the news about Spirit of the Vale Christmas Fair and Showcase for local business in Sparsholt, Oxon. We had our most successful year to date and as a result donated £7300 - £6250 went to A Band of Brothers, an incredible organisation that helps disaffected young men within the criminal justice system find their place in society and supports them to find an adulthood free of crime and full of connection, purpose and meaning. The rest went to our local village hall in Sparsholt, Oxon.


Grapevine continues to be a huge asset! My posts are always well received. Look forward to seeing whats in store for 2020.


This is a really good and extremely friendly selling platform. I like it!


Grapevine is a brilliant platform, really easy to use and find your way around. I always know that my post will be submitted in record time and the feedback, guidance is really helpful. Thank you Grapevine!!!


What a brilliant idea to have this to shout it out from the rooftops. Keep going!


We knew working with the Grapevine would more easily target our market. We set up 5 years ago to create practical, yet easy to wear rain resistant alternatives to tricky overtrousers.
Our products are high end, for a small market; British and very ‘country’. We love the concept of Grapevine, the meeting of similar, yet diverse minds and were delighted to be welcomed on board with our field and rain skirts. Our production facility is tiny and we are not skilled business women therefore finding end users was to have its problems…. Grapevine enabled us to share our work with just the kind of discerning characters we were aiming at, with a lovely sense of belonging, rather than pure ‘product’. Panda will nudge you and guide you, for she wants only the best for her members, like a lovely mother hen. Sell yourself as a good member and join the gang!


We have had one booking from a very nice lady who had booked our house for two weeks. I think your site is fantastic and I don’t see where you could improve it

Susan Jane

I think grapevine works is a fantastic site.
Very professional and informative.


“We were so pleased with how successful our post was for a summer intern. We had several calls and took on a lovely girl who now helps us part-time with social media and marketing! All very easy to post and manage as well. Thank you’


I congratulate Panda on a brilliant idea and website, I have had great help and direction from the website, and think we have found a lovely home for the ponies I wanted to loan, and am very happy with the Grapevine!
much appreciated thank you. Katie


We launched our new holiday cottage next to our pub so sought some exposure. And we were amazed to see how effective news spread as people literally “heard it on the Grapevine”.


I wish I’d had more girl puppies to meet the demand! Will definitely use Grapevine in the future. Super easy to use with very efficient back up ensuring I didn’t miss a single response.


Grapevine is easy to use and every time I have used it it has been a success.


We are very grateful to Grapevine and incredibly impressed how efficiently it is run.


Wonderful website and so many interesting people, items for sale and things to do


I joined Grapevine a month ago and along with interesting posts and offers on my weekly email I have used it to promote my workshop business. I found the posting process very straightforward and was delighted with the quality and volume of responses. Panda has been very quick to respond to any questions I have had. I’m looking forward with interest to see how my further posts are received.
- owner of Water Lane Workshops Gloucestershire.


One puppy sold which was great.


You were very helpful and accommodating re my request to advertise my JR puppy. Thank you