I was so grateful to Grapevine for producing a client who needed some help with their lighting. They had been considering getting a lighting consultant on board but weren't sure where to start, until they saw our post on Grapevine. We met at their house and looked at the opportunities, I went away and came up with a lighting scheme. Bobs your Uncle, job is now complete!


We love the eclectic nature of the Grapevine and it is another fabulous way to raise awareness of our company . Panda and her Team do a great job! Caroline Carter


I think Grapevine is a great idea and I like that it is called what it is, a grapevine. It feels like a space for likeminded people.


‘Huge thanks to Grapevine for finding my daughter the perfect pony! I had only just posted my advert and I had a response almost immediately, and within the week the pony was with us. The website is also incredibly clear and easy to use, well done!'


Finding myself disappearing further and further into an administration hole, I realised it was time to do something about it. After speaking to a fellow Grapevine member, she forwarded me a post she had seen. I now have a wonderful lady helping me, thanks to Grapevine. The process was so quick and easy, thankfully otherwise I might have changed my mind!


I find Grapevine a useful resource and indeed my daughter has just found some temporary work through it.Thank you Grapevine!


I advertised my house in Spain to rent and my posting secured a really valuable rental and a lot of other interest, which proves that it really works! Grapevine is a really nice company to deal with. Really efficient and the software behind the site is very impressive.


Grapevine has really opened up the audience to The Eventing Club. It is a great avenue to get people interested in the sport of Eventing and has proved it's worked, gaining us new members who are now following nine of the World's best riders. I look forward to working with Grapevine in the future. Thanks so much Panda.


'So pleased I used Grapevine to find a part time job - very happily employed by a lovely person. Advertising on Grapevine was so easy. A great website full of interesting posts. Brilliant idea.'


Grapevine is brilliant. The partners are so helpful and friendly. I sold my sofa within two hours of the post going out to members.


I was really pleased to receive some responses to my makeup business advert! Thank you grapevine for assisting me in growing my business!


“ I am delighted to say I found a lovely home for my Fox Red Labrador puppy through Grapevine. They are a super family with 2 young children, who adore their pup


More and more I am finding that Grapevine is an excellent way to port and search for a wide variety of information and business.


Grapevine helped me showcase my product to a whole new audience. Thanks so much.


A great way to get your products out to a new audience!


Great exposure on Grapevine- good leads and now the property has sold.


I wanted to thank you for helping to spread the word for us. We had a really good day with record numbers through the gate and they carried home groaning bags of plants from our fabulous nurserymen and women who had pulled out the stops to put on a great display. Grapevine is doing such a good job spreading the word. Well done all your team!


With so much going on, so little time- all I need is The Grapevine to keep up to speed with what’s hot.


The Grapevine generated excellent enquiries during the marketing of a Cotswold property. Leads came from local and national potential purchaser.


Listing on Grapevine is an easy process and any help we needed was readily given