I found someone extremely quickly to help me for a busy weekend with my children and cooking etc... the response was very quick and it was such an easy process, thank you Grapevine.


The Grapevine Works is an effective way to directly reach a well curated audience. It’s user friendly approach makes it a simple and efficient process that offers great results.


I had a great response from my post selling my trailer and sold it pretty quickly through Grapevine, so was thrilled with the service and ease of it all!


Having looked for a horse trailer for a few months, I found one on Grapevine. The photos and description matched what I viewed in person and all communication and transactions were easy and quick. I am very pleased.


On our hunt for members keen to give talks at our new showroom, Grapevine cast our posting out to a broad audience of fascinating people with stories to tell. The talks have been very popular with our clients so far and we are looking forward to hosting more over the coming months.


I was really delighted with the response to my post advertising our pony - thank you!


The RHS Flower Show tickets sold immediately and were in huge demand. Grapevine is an excellent website. I just love reading all the posts. Brilliant!


I really love working with Grapevine - all the posts are beautifully l;aid out, and the responses are all good and not people wasting time. Will look forward to working with them again.


Grapevine is clearly establishing itself as a ‘go to’ network for trusted connections in a broad range of services. After only a few months I have built a good collection of prospective clients.


Grapevine is the most interesting site I have come across for local business information and opportunities. All the information is pertinent and the weekly updates very helpful.


“I recently put our VW Golf up for sale on Grapevine and am pleased to say a sale was made within days. The whole process was incredibly smooth and easy. The team at Grapevine helped make sure the post looked correct, with all the relevant information and the photos showing properly, and within hours of the post going live I had received a handful of genuine enquiries. A friendly transaction was then completed within 3 days and all parties were content. Many thanks Grapevine, and I can heartily recommend using your excellent website/members service”


I just wanted to let you know that we have had a brilliant response to our posts on your site and have gained several incredible new clients.Thank you very much and I will definitely be recommending Grapevine to everyone I know.


Excellent website. Very happy with a few items that have been sold through Grapevine


Huge thanks to the Grapevine community and Panda for making our day at the races perfect! It would not have been the same without your marvellous network. Sarah


Grapevine works extremely well. I sold my two Car park spaces so quickly, it's totally brilliant!


Sold my Antique Map Print of Oxfordshire within a few hours. Great communication with the Buyer. Excellent result. The Grapevine works! Thank you.


Grapevine is excellent. So helpful with everything and great results.


Well done with Grapevine, I very much appreciate your efforts on my behalf and I will certainly recommend you to anyone with things lettable or saleable


A truly spectacular and inspirational day for Billy and just the best horsey/kings Troop day for me. Loved every minute of it. Please thank the absolutely gorgeous Harry Wallace on our behalf.
Still buzzing from it all ... the drama the spectacle the history the sadness of being on alert for our precious Queen and the privilege of touching her gun carriage ... unreal really. The shinny tack ... the load thump of music as they cleaned it all ... the whole day was a marvel to behold..... and of course those beautiful handsome horses.
So much history ... what a legacy for the 25,000 horses that did their duty on the first day of The Somme.
I think today maybe maybe has changed the course of my sons life.
Thank you so much!


Thank you Grapevine for such a wonderful morning with the King's Troops, it really was truly memorable.