Susan Jane

I think grapevine works is a fantastic site.
Very professional and informative.


“We were so pleased with how successful our post was for a summer intern. We had several calls and took on a lovely girl who now helps us part-time with social media and marketing! All very easy to post and manage as well. Thank you’


I congratulate Panda on a brilliant idea and website, I have had great help and direction from the website, and think we have found a lovely home for the ponies I wanted to loan, and am very happy with the Grapevine!
much appreciated thank you. Katie


We launched our new holiday cottage next to our pub so sought some exposure. And we were amazed to see how effective news spread as people literally “heard it on the Grapevine”.


I wish I’d had more girl puppies to meet the demand! Will definitely use Grapevine in the future. Super easy to use with very efficient back up ensuring I didn’t miss a single response.


Grapevine is easy to use and every time I have used it it has been a success.


We are very grateful to Grapevine and incredibly impressed how efficiently it is run.


Wonderful website and so many interesting people, items for sale and things to do


I joined Grapevine a month ago and along with interesting posts and offers on my weekly email I have used it to promote my workshop business. I found the posting process very straightforward and was delighted with the quality and volume of responses. Panda has been very quick to respond to any questions I have had. I’m looking forward with interest to see how my further posts are received.
- owner of Water Lane Workshops Gloucestershire.


One puppy sold which was great.


You were very helpful and accommodating re my request to advertise my JR puppy. Thank you


Grapevine is great - I've sold a few things now to some really nice people - it has been so straightforward and easy to use and there are some seriously good member offers available too. Thank you!


“I recently purchased a second hand VW Golf via an advertisement on Grapevine. Often the process of buying a second hand car can be fraught with difficulties & risks but by using the Grapevine’s close knit network meant it was more like buying off a trusted friend & not a dodgy car dealer! The whole transaction could not have been more straightforward & three months on I’m still delighted with my purchase of a great little car for a very reasonable price!”


We found a wonderful new home for our last Border puppy on Grapevine, it was so easy to use and we would definitely use it again. Thank you Grapevine!


Grapevine is great and I love that you can see where your message has gone to and how many people viewed it. Panda, you are doing a great job! Thank you.


Wow - talk about speedy result! My post went live at 10.33 and my sofa was sold by 10.54! Thank you Grapevine!


The Grapevine is amazing! Advert went live on Sunday afternoon and by Sunday evening, my sofa was sold and funds in my account. Such a valuable service matching people with products/services. Congratulations team!


Of course

Panda and Grapevine have helped us broadcast our small business incredibly effectively. We love the clear advertising, excellent photographs and read all interviews avidly. Additionally they have also supported our start up recruitment platform tirelessly with advice, support and given up their precious time to help us. Rarely have I come across such a collaborative collection of people. I cannot recommend and thank Grapevine enough. Thank you all so much. Katharine Landale, Founder, Bold New World


It's not just for businesses. I used @thegrapevineworks on a personal basis and it was an incredibly easy, friendly and professional service, and we found the most perfect home for our much loved pony. I couldn't recommend joining more highly.

Rachel from

The Grapevine has really helped to spread the name of my clothing brand HOBOKO with a notable increase in sales. Very many thanks.