“Being new to the area, we have found ‘Grapevine’ of huge help finding out about our new world.
It is a wonderful source of helpful information. We found Concierge Medical on Grapevine and it has proved to be invaluable.
Our dedicated Doctor from Conciege Medical, Doc Lucy Ansell, was just brilliant in her quick response, and a correct diagnosis immediately , after my husband had a horrid accident at home. She had a surgeon lined up to see him within a few hours.
It gives me a wonderful feeling of security to know that a Doctor is available 24/7……….. that makes their monthly subscription worth every penny!


We’ve been a member of Grapevine for just under one year now and have never looked back.  They’re quick to respond to any enquiry, have a very user friendly website, and have interesting posts of every kind.  We look forward to receiving them.


I advertised for the first time through Grapevine for a student to help cook for an extended family in SW France.  A charming girl applied whom I have met and she is coming to my house this summer.


I asked Grapevine to try and help me find some accommodation for my daughter whilst she was going to London for the first time for some work experience.  She is 20 years old and obviously who she stayed with and where she stayed was very important.  Grapevine came up with 3 alternatives and having spoken to all 3,  I plumped for a room for her near her brother in Shepherd’s Bush.  She was very happy there during her week’s work experience.  It was a perfect match for her.
I can’t thank Grapevine enough for helping us so quickly and highly recommend their services.


Grapevine is a great platform to promote your business, amongst other things, especially if you have a bespoke trade such as mine - Bill Jackson / Billy The Bath Buffer"

My son’s wonderful hunting pony has found a fabulous new home via The Horsepower Club.
He sold to the first person to reply, who snapped him up on the “phone.
It was a great way to connect to the niche market that he suited.”


"We continue to get referrals from Grapevine; for a bespoke and private business like ours, Grapevine has proved to be a very effective way of accessing our target market. And Panda has been exceptionally helpful. Fully recommend." Kat Carrick, Managing Partner, Concierge Medical.


I received interest and enquiries about my post, making some sales as well. I am really pleased with the result of putting my business on Grapevine.


I am eternally grateful to Grapevine for helping me sell my club fender, got a buyer immediately which was lovely and it went to a very good home. Thank you Grapevine for this incredible service which was very easy to use too!


Grapevine was brilliant, we found a very good cook for the few days we needed one on Islay. Grapevine is a great way of finding all manner of things and will most certainly being using them again


It only took 3 days to sell my coat, brilliant!


Grapevine has proven to be invaluable and so easy to place a notification. Panda always responds immediately and is a pleasure to work with.