Grapevine Stories

Interview with Tessa Campbell-Fraser

Grapevine member, Tessa, is the wife of the great Impressionist, Rory Bremner. We discuss her sculpting and art career including the sculpture she did for The Queen, of Ascot Gold Cup winner Estimate in 2016.

Tessa tells us how very nervewracking it was to 'get it right' and the hiccup she had early on in the commission of Estimate! We also hear how Rory's create impressions of animals helped her with one of her commissions she had of hippos in Africa.

Tessa's sculptures are out of this world. Whatever the subject, Tessa has an amazing talent to capture the true likeness, bringing it completely to life. She is now taking on new sculpture commissions so if you think you could be tempted, do look at her amazing work on her website, and you will be even more tempted!

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