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The huge benefits of menopause Yoga

Jojo Hancock, founder of Yoga Creative, talks to me about her new Menopause Yoga workshops and the powerful ways that we can support the main symptoms of all stages of menopause.

An exclusive event for Grapevine Members - Saturday 2nd July 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Yoga and Holistic Wellbeing Zoom Workshop to Support Menopause Symptoms

For all women at all stages of peri, meno and post menopause welcome.

Join JoJo, founder of Yoga Creative, on an holistic journey through the powerful ways that we can support the main symptoms of all stages of menopause.  

JoJo is a certified teacher of Menopause Yoga™️ the world’s first menopause-specific yoga practice founded at the Dr Louise Newson Menopause and Wellbeing Clinic.

Menopause is a natural transition not an illness, but psychological and physical illness can present if we are not educated, empowered and able to embrace this frankly huge and challenging transformation.  

This gold-standard workshop is the result of years of evidence-based research at the Dr Newson Clinic combining Western medical science with the wisdom of Eastern Wellbeing. 

Menopause affects our body, energy, mind, emotions and even our soul, and this workshop includes information on how to take an holistic approach, nourishing each of these elements of being.  As well as the yoga practice, we will explore nutrition, alternative therapies, Indian Ayurveda, supplements, exercise (including yoga of course!) and HRT.  JoJo offers a safe and supportive space to laugh, share your symptoms and experiences, maybe shed a few tears, and feel a sense of community.   

 There is a 90 minute yoga practice of specially adapted yoga poses, as well several types of breathwork and meditation to alleviate specific symptoms from hot flushes, meno-rage, to anxiety and overwhelm, brain fog and insomnia, as well as strengthening our brains, heart and bones from future risks.  These practices are simple and accessible so that you can add them into your home self-care routine.   

To book your place, please click on the Visit Website button below. £30.  Places are limited.  Do register for the waitlist if the workshop is fully booked, or email JoJo if you are interested in future dates.

Some kind words from Yoga Creative students: 

“JoJo has a special gift to create a safe, compassionate and inclusive environment for all of us. Her workshops are very nurturing experience.”

“I felt healed, held and guided through new things with love and expertise, JoJo’s passion and deep knowledge, along with her light-hearted touch ☺ makes her workshops a complete joy!  She creates such a beautiful connection with the group and I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful yoga teacher.” 

“Thank you JoJo for a very special morning of yoga and breathwork.  You made me feel completely at ease and safe, balanced and joyful.  You have a real gift.” 

“I left JoJo’s workshop feeling restored and filled with renewed energy!” 

“JoJo has taught me breathing, relaxation, and yoga techniques that have helped me greatly during times of stress and anxiety.  She makes each pose feel accessible no matter how strong or weak I am feeling in that moment, keeping me safe and connected.”  

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