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Stress and the immune system and how I can help

Let me introduce a fantastic Tapping technique call Emotional Freedom Technique and discuss how we can support our Immune system with this effective tool.

My Story

I have been working in the the field of energy medicine for 30 years, after I got very ill myself whilst running a school in Africa. There I met a wonderful healer who taught me Reflexology and all sorts of amazing ancient complimentary techniques which helped me back to tip top health. I have realised I have now become her! She was my guiding angel to which I was totally blind to at the time. 

I completed training in Shiatsu with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Nutrition (ION), InterX Therapy (Non-invasive neurostimulation for pain management) and EFT Tapping (including NLP and Hypnotherapy) over the years.

Having now also successfully trained in Health Coaching, I also specialise in Gut Health. As well as treating private clients, I am a regular speaker and presenter of ‘Gut Health and Wellbeing’ talks, ‘Corporate Lunch and Learn’ sessions for a healthy and positive office life, themed ‘Wellness Days’ plus ‘Mind, Body and Spirit Wellbeing Retreats’. 

So, let me introduce a fantastic Tapping technique call Emotional Freedom Technique and discuss how we can support our Immune system with this effective tool.


Life can be overwhelming and too much…and we all get ill. I use EFT (tapping) regularly on clients as it supports our immune system and both physical and mental health. EFT de-stresses the body whilst also giving the immune system a chance to work harder. 

All negative emotions disrupt the body’s energy and are intricately connected to physical pain and disease. Health problems create feedback – physical symptoms cause emotional distress, and unresolved emotional problems manifest themselves through physical symptoms. So, the body’s health must be approached as a whole. You cannot treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, and vice-versa.

Everyone has negative self-talk. We ‘should’ be doing something else (not eating pizza, chocolate and watching rubbish TV!). Do you have guilt and shame around this? These thoughts keep you stuck where you are, not moving forward. EFT tapping can help clear blocks to better choices.

EFT also will support your immune function by tapping on certain points linked to the vital immune system. When we are stressed the amygdala and adrenals become over-active and the nervous system gets overloaded. We can’t digest food properly and then the Immune System becomes compromised.

The GOOD NEWS is with all this tapping the vibration is raised in your body and mind creating good feelings and increased energy too!

Have some fun with it!

The Method: 

We start on the side of the hand and repeat words such as “Even though I feel my immune system is being compromised by my stress and overwhelm, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway”. We repeat this 3 times.

Next, we tap around the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, on the collar bone, under the arm and the top of the head.

It may seem a little bit weird tapping points around the face and body saying words! ‘How on earth is that going to help me,’ I hear you say. But it does help, and the joy is it only takes minutes to feel the change.

Tapping and the breath

With the rise of COVID 19, tapping can be a helpful tool. All to often, we don’t consciously breathe fully and if we contract the COVID 19 Virus our lungs can become compromised.  Fear, anxiety and overwhelm constrict our breath which weakens the immune system further. EFT and the breathing techniques are extremely powerful. Interestingly, sadness and grief are the emotions associated with the lung. If you cry easily or have trouble processing grief and loss, you may have an imbalance in your lung energy. I use specific statements with my clients to help the lungs to open up. 

SO, my advice right now would be to choose a new positive habit (one which jumps out as being a top priority). It takes 3 weeks to reset the body and mind so get going and stick with it! The brain needs new ideas and stimulation for positive behaviour. I truly believe that when you start to feel good on the inside then life changes dramatically on the outside.

Easy ideas for change include:

- Learn some EFT tapping and practice once a day. There are lots of clips to follow

- Be aware of your behaviour and your language. Switch from negative statements to positive ones; replace “I can’t do this” with “I am able to do this” and “I hate exercise” with “I love exercise as it makes me feel fabulous”. Try it! You will be amazed at the change.

- Breathing/meditation every day

- Introduce a new form of exercise 

- Increase water intake 

I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to help adjust the lives of so many and help clients to navigate through this manically fast-paced world; moving towards a healthier, more emotionally fulfilled future. 

In the current lockdown, I can offer online sessions for clients. I can offer EFT tapping and both Gut Health and Nutritional Support via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Learn a new skill and let’s get clearing some of those tight breathing blocks!

Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the above or to book an online session with me.

Get in touch with me via the 'Contact Alicky' button or please take a look at my website for more details ('Visit website' button).

Instagram: @alicky_gravell_health

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