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Prevent the closure of Cheltenham General’s A&E department

I am asking you to sign this petition as it could help save your or someone else’s life.

Please could I ask you all to sign this, as it actually could affect nearly all of us, whether you live in Glos or not. The A&E at Cheltenham hospital could be vital to you if you are unlucky enough to be in any type of accident or become very unwell in the vicinity of Cheltenham. 

You could be visiting family or friends, driving north or south via the M5, racing at Cheltenham or taking part in a sporting event in the area.

If there is no A&E at Cheltenham everyone will have to be taken to Gloucester Royal, Great Western at Swindon or The John Radcliffe which will a) take longer to get to and b) Gloucester will be paralysed by sheer volume (which it is already).

If you would like the A&E department to remain, please could you sign the petition by following this link here,

Thank you so much everyone, I sincerely believe this is a very important topic that requires our immediate attention.


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