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Keep your brain happy: Tips for children at home

Our partner, Oppidan Education, gives us tips for our children to keep their brains healthy and happy during this extended period at home.

Olivia shares her 8 tips on keeping your brain happy at home. This one goes out to all the kids. 

1.) Set an alarm and get up at the same time every weekday that you would at school - your brain will stay happy if you stay true to a routine. 

2.) Eat meals at the same time - do not graze - your blood sugar will be all over the place and so will your brain.  

3.) Listen to something that isn't about Covid-19 - it will keep your brain's cylinders firing (check out Today In Focus Podcast) – and your world view may well mature.

4.) We aren’t a fitness company, but we think 20 sits ups when you wake up, 20 star jumps at lunch and 20 push-ups before bed will (at the very least) flush the brain with oxygenated blood and contribute to strong mental health. 

5.) Practice with the hand you don't normally write with - brush teeth / text / eat soup or draw shapes with your other hand - it will change the way your brain works forever – for the better.  

6.) Learn a language for 15 minutes every day (shout out to Duolingo) - your brain will be psyched for your next adventure. Achieving goals will contribute to strengthened brain capacity.  

7.) Write a list of 5 things you're grateful for at the end of every day – whilst we navigate these unchartered territories, it’s important to focus on what we have and for our brains to reflect positively. 

8.) We may be slightly biased but Oppidan’s Brain Labs are an excellent way to keep your brain happy and there are so many workshops to choose from!

Any other ideas, just let Liv know! Stay Healthy Team. 

Olivia was voted the 2nd most influential woman at Cambridge University, and has a BA in Education and English.

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