Grapevine Stories

A selection of our favourite poems and creative writing pieces from our members.

Here are the poems and pieces from our winning entries for the poetry and creative writing competition.


From Maggie Mills aged 95

For those who have a religious belief

Was it the Devil or the hand of God or even both together to stop an overpopulated world

Here outside spring,

Flora and fauna and wildlife can be enjoyed from my window

But not for others when floods and fires have depopulated and terrified many

Now perhaps we must learn self dicipline and not to over react

When the crisis is over ,a chance in everyones attitude and a more thoughtful way of living is needed.

Technolgy has taken over our lives

Waste is prevalent and money spent whilst others have nothing

So think carefully about our modern lifestyle

From Isla Bell, age 5

The Princess and the Mystery Dragon

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a beautiful castle with the prince and a unicorn called Sparkle Twilight. One day a dragon cane to the castle gate. The princess was scared. The dragon said ‘don’t be scared I am playing hide and seek with my sister and I am in fancy dress and I am really a fox! Then he took off his costume and he had orange fur and a bushy tail. 

The End!

I hope you enjoyed this selection of some the wonderful poems and writing our members produced, I really enjoyed reading all of them, not just these one's we've printed, thank you everyone for your efforts!

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