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Read about Leapfrog IMMUNE, the new wonder supplement we should all be taking this winter

Learn a bit about Leapfrog IMMUNE from the founder Stephanie Drax. She answers some questions we might all be asking and tells us why it's a supplement we should all take before colds takes hold of us!

What is Leapfrog IMMUNE?

Leapfrog IMMUNE is a new immune support supplement that harnesses the power of natural lactoferrin – a protein that has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and yet is little-known in the UK. It’s a citrus- flavoured chewable tablet with 250mg of pure, natural lactoferrin with zinc and vitamin C (no water needed, and no big pills to swallow).

What is lactoferrin?

You’re no stranger to lactoferrin - it’s working inside you right now as your first line response to viruses in your environment and an important part of your innate immune system. Your body naturally produces lactoferrin every day - in fluids, saliva and secretions - ready to neutralise or suppress pathogens as they appear.  

Why do we need to supplement with it then?

When we’re stressed, tired, run down, not eating properly, or simply ageing, our innate lactoferrin can be depleted faster than it’s restored. This can leave us vulnerable when exposed to germs. With kids at school, and the flu season fast approaching, Leapfrog is a supplement that actually works in synch with your body’s own mechanisms.

Where do you get lactoferrin from?

Lactoferrin can be sourced from mother’s milk - it’s one of the extraordinary ingredients created by nature to offer a newborn optimal immunity. So: we get our lactoferrin from cow’s milk which is biologically very similar. Leapfrog’s lactoferrin comes from premium cow’s milk produced in Northern France. The lactoferrin is separated from fresh milk and then gently microfiltered, purified and dried to preserve the structure, activity and purity. 

Why did you start Leapfrog Remedies?

When I first tried lactoferrin in 2018 - on the advice of a scientist - I’d been looking for a natural remedy to stop the cycle of colds that skipped home with my two young sons and rampaged through our house. I’m a sceptical journalist, but two key points about lactoferrin made me curious: that it was a natural anti-viral and that it was found in mother’s milk. Having had two babies myself, I’d witnessed that immune-enhancing magic! We took it at the first sign of a tickle in the throat or a drip in the nose and it worked - we leapfrogged over the cold with little or no further symptoms. Convinced by the results at home and the scientific studies I read, I brought a team together – an immunologist, pharmacist, nutritionist and wellness experts - to create Leapfrog IMMUNE. It’s supported us when we needed it most, as I hope it will with our customers.

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