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Interview with Irene Molodtsov

Irene Molodtsov has started a great initiative called UKUA Together, helping hosts sponsor and welcome Ukrainian refugees to safety in the UK and away from the war zones.

We hear from Irene, how her dedicated team are going about this mammoth task of organising visas, the endless paperwork involved and how they are desperately trying to find new UK hosts for these families who are so desperate to escape this terrible war.

If you are in a position to host a family, these guys can match up the most suitable families to suit your situation, whether it's a family of four or perhaps just a mother and her one child, there are so many different options. Please do consider the possibility...

If you are not in a position to host a family then any donations would be so gratefully received as this will go towards funding the family's journey here and supporting them financially once they arrive.

Please do go to the website where you can register as a host or simply make a donation.

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